Stop stains and odor with Odorless oil-based primers

Most common stains are water-based. If you coat a water-based stain with a water-based primer, the stain will bleed through. But oil-based odorless primer based on Plioway® Resin will seal the stain in 1 coat. The same is true for odors--- a thin, water-based primer isn't as effective in blocking permeating smells like a thickly-formulated oil-based primer.

As shown below, the odorless stainblocking primer on the left covers the smoke stain and water soluble marker stain in 1 coat. On the right-side, the water-based primer permits bleed-through resulting in visible stains.

Stop stains and odor with Odorless oil based low-VOC primers

Stainblocking primers also provide a solid base for topcoats when used as a paint sealer or primer for new drywall.

Odorless oil-based low VOC primers stop stains and odors in residential and industrial jobs

Odorless primer made with Plioway is fume-free, so you can use it safely without having to evacuate the building or home. Its many applications include:

  • Stain cover / brightener for dingy ceiling tile
  • Paint sealer or primer for new drywall and plaster
  • Cover for rough surfaces like masonry substrates
  • Interior wood refinisher

Stop stains and odor with Odorless oil based primer. Works on tough stains, including:

  • Nicotine and smoke
  • Water and grease
  • Ink, marker and crayon
  • Wood grain and knots
Oil-based adhesive primer covers stains more effectively

Tackles pervasive odors, even:

  • Charred wood
  • Kitchen odors
  • Nicotine

Odorless primer with lower VOCs helps you do the job right the first time

With superior coverage, quick dry time, and easy application by sprayer, brush or roller, odorless stainblocking primers are the best way to achieve a smooth, seamless, long-lasting paint job. Whether you need a paint sealer or primer for new drywall, a cover up for tough stains and odors, or a transition coat between dark and lighter paint colors, oil-based, low voc primers are your safest, most effective bet; plus they require less air renewal - learn more.

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