Low VOC oil based primer blocks stains & odor with no toxic fumes

Evacuation of homes and industrial sites often isn't possible. The solution: work fast and accurately, and use odor-free paint and primer. When used in conjunction with a low odor or water-based topcoat, high adhesion primer allows residential customers and building occupants to continue with their usual activities in a fume-free environment. (Ventilation is always recommended.) Stainblocking, low voc primers are ideal for most locations, including:

  • Offices, warehouses, and other closed working environments
  • Homes and apartments
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Schools and prisons
  • Shopping malls and hotels
  • Any location where evacuation during the application process is a challenge

Oil-based adhesive primer covers stains more effectively

Odor-free, high quality paint primer helps put a superior finish on many surfaces

Low VOC adhesive primer blocks stains & odor with no toxic fumes.

Most water-based low voc primers don't make the cut when it comes to surface adhesion and stain and odor blocking. However, when Plioway® resins are used to make high adhesion oil-based primer, it allows for deep penetration and superior adhesion without toxic paint fumes! These microscopic particles give low voc primers an incredible range of applications, from paint sealer or primer for new drywall, to coating for slick, glossy surfaces. Use high quality paint primer based on Plioway® as:

  • Paint sealer or primer for new drywall
  • Wall and ceiling fire damage restoration stain blocker
  • Coating for pvc pipe or plastic laminate
  • Cover for galvanized metal or aluminum
  • A way to update the look of lacquered wood and ceramic tile

Plioway® based odorless primer gets the job done faster, saving you time and money

Odor-free high quality paint primer based on Plioway® dries quickly which ultimately saves you time and money. Superior formulation allows ease and flexibility of application, whether you use a brush, sprayer or roller. Powerful adhesion properties make oil-based primers with Plioway® an unparalleled surface cover and wall and ceiling fire damage restoration stain blocker---all with no dangerous paint fumes! Learn more about the stain and odor-blocking abilities of Plioway®-based high quality paint primer.

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