Environmentally friendly primer requires less air renewal than traditional primers

Interior use of traditional oil-based primer may require multiple air renewals due to the build up of fumes in the air. Primers made with Toluene and Mineral Spirits require up to 9.5 air renewals per hour! Proper ventilation is necessary not only for the comfort of contractors and occupants, but also to comply with Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL). See exactly how much ventilation is needed for safe application of paint sealer, primer for new drywall and other interior surfaces in the Air Change Index (ACI).

Odorless oil-based primer with lower VOCs requires less air renewal and blocks stains more effectively

Opening windows and using fans to renew and refresh the air is one way to reduce solvent fumes. A better way is to use high quality paint primer specially formulated not to give off fumes. With an air renewal rate 3 to 6 times lower than traditional oil-based primer made with Toluene or Mineral Spirits, oil-based, odorless low VOC primers are less hazardous for contractors and customers.

The graph below shows the number of times the air needs to be refreshed in an hour.

High quality paint primer with Plioway / Isopar requires less air renewal than those made with Toluene or Mineral Spirits.

Odor-free, high quality paint primer is readily available at your local home improvement center or hardware store

Primer made with Plioway®/Isopar® delivers the best results by combining exceptional odor and stainblocking power with superior adhesive coverage. It's also safer for you and the environment. The Plioway® logo is the signature of oil-based, odor-free, low VOC primers that meet high quality and performance standards---- look for it on cans from manufacturers of odorless primers.

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