Why should I use an odorless stainblocking primer?

Odorless stainblocking primers offer quick dry time

Coating manufacturers uniquely formulate each primer so their specific drying time may vary. As a general rule, odorless stainblocking primers based on Plioway®:

  • should be dry to touch in 30 to 60 minutes
  • ready for a top coat in two hours
  • recommended dry film is 2 mils thick

Faster drying time eliminates the need to assemble and dismantle scaffolding multiple times and is less disruptive for jobs that are in occupied buildings. Alkyd based and water based primers have longer dryer times.

Odorless stainblocking primers offer superior adhesion

Plioway® resins used in odorless stain blocking primers have a very small particle size, which allows for deep penetration and superior adhesion. Because of these excellent adhesion properties, some odorless stainblocking primer manufacturers recommend using the primer to coat slick glossy surfaces such as:

  • pvc pipe
  • plastic laminate
  • galvanized metal
  • aluminum
  • lacquered wood
  • ceramic tile

How much primer
do you need?

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