Hydro Pliolite

Water Based Sealer and Primer: Ease of Use

Easy clean up saves time and money

Water based sealer and primer cleans up easily with plain soap and water. Harsh-smelling turpentine and mineral spirits are not needed, sparing you added expense and unpleasant odor. You'll save time by not having to continually stop and clean brushes as you're working, because water-based products don't cause them to stiffen. Also, unwanted drips on other surfaces can be wiped away using only a damp rag.

But don't be deceived by ease of use: waterborne paint primers can stop tough stains just as well as their oil-based counterparts. Hydro Pliolite® makes this possible.

Prime, paint and occupy

Water based sealer and primer is VOC compliant, which makes it ideal for use in occupied buildings that can't be evacuated while painting. Speed-dry formula enables you to complete jobs in less time and move on to the next. Water based sealer and paint primer adheres to and quickly dries on a variety of surfaces including:

  • Bare softwoods, like pine and cedar
  • Masonry such as brick or concrete block
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Plastics (PVC, ABS)
  • Drywall
See how VOC compliant water based paint primer helps improve indoor air quality

Experience the Hydro Pliolite® difference

Get the job done right the 1st time: apply 1 coat of water based paint primer on tough stains and odors for a permanent seal. Not every waterborne primer delivers oil based benefits along with complete ease of use: Look for the Hydro Pliolite® logo on cans of VOC compliant, water based sealer and primer from these top manufacturers.

How much primer
do you need?

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