Hydro Pliolite

Water Based Sealer and Drywall Primer

Fast dry advantages save time and money

The ancient expression "time is money" still holds true today. Completing jobs faster enables you to do more which, over time improves your bottom line. But quality must not be sacrificed for quantity. Starting with a fast-drying sealer or drywall primer enhances job efficiency and overall quality, which helps grow your business.

Waterborne paint primer with Hydro Pliolite® speeds dry-time and enhances final results

You no longer have to wait 24 hours after priming as you would with conventional alkyd paint primer. Water based sealer and drywall primer with Hydro Pliolite® dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can be sanded early, even in high humidity or temperatures as low as 40° F. Additional benefits:

  • Reduced surface preparation time;
  • Rapid top-coating;
  • More thorough paint coverage with fuller color saturation;
  • Decreased scheduling problems: Fast dry formula enables you to prime and paint in 1 day;
  • 1-day paint jobs eliminate need to disassemble and reassemble scaffolding, which saves time and labor costs;
  • Low VOC formula emits no toxic fumes;
  • A durable, superior finish that will please customers for a long-time to come.

Hydro Pliolite® paint primer now packs an oil based primer punch

Water based sealer and paint primer with Hydro Pliolite® delivers the high hide and adhesion power of oil based paint primer, but with a low VOC level. Get the best of both worlds: Achieve a top quality paint job in less time by starting with low VOC water based sealer or drywall primer.

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