Hydro Pliolite

Hydro Pliolite® turns low VOC paint primers and sealers into powerful stain blockers

Different primers perform different tasks. Some interact well with a variety of substrates; others do a better job of encapsulating and sealing stains. Water-based stain blocking primers based on Hydro Pliolite® do both. This is made possible by an Amphoteric Binding System (ABS): Eliokem's proprietary new technology that improves the stain blocking performance of water-based primer while maintaining low VOC levels.

Hydro Pliolite® helps meet the demand for top performance paint primers that won't compromise indoor air quality

Stain blocking primers with Hydro Pliolite® can be formulated to extremely low VOC levels, just above 0 grams. (To put this into perspective, most water-based stain blockers contain an average of 100 grams.) Unique amphoteric chemistry enables paint primer to form a film without environmentally harmful coalescents, plasticizers or coalescing aids. During application, the resin forms a smooth, clear film to seal stains as shown in the images below:

Stains on Drywall Panel

    Commercial Water-Based Primer                 Stain Blocking Primer with Hydro Pliolite

Hydro Pliolite® is the result of 5 years of laboratory benchmarking and development. In a final comparison of primer with Hydro Pliolite® to commercial solvent-borne and water-borne primers, Hydro Pliolite® primer demonstrated the following properties:

  • Stain blocking performance of solvent-borne products without the drawbacks (messy application, difficult cleanup, noxious fumes);
  • Excellent multi-surface adhesion, even under wet conditions;
  • Compatibility with universal colorants;
  • Low VOC (less than 5 g/L) which meets the requirements of all current and known future US and European legislation.

Keeping up-to-date on the newest and best paint products makes good business sense. See more reasons why stain-blocking primer with Hydro Pliolite® benefits you and your clients.

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