Hydro Pliolite

Low VOC water based primer can now tackle the toughest stains...permanently

Not long ago, when you needed to cover stubborn surface stains and odors, an alcohol- or oil-based paint primer was required. Water based primer, while beneficial in other ways (low VOC, multi-surface adhesion, fast dry, etc.) would not have stood up to this particular task.

Hydro Pliolite® has changed all that. This revolutionary resin is based on an Amphoteric Binding System: new primer technology that adds stain blocking power to low VOC, water based paint primer. Just 1 coat of primer formulated with Hydro Pliolite® can erase the most persistent stains and odors, even:

  • Water based stains
  • Nicotine and smoke tar
  • Wood extractives
  • Tannins
  • Oleo-resinous extracts
  • Wine, coffee, tea
  • Synthetic colorants such as markers and crayons

Harness stain blocking power in a low odor, fast dry, easy-to-clean paint primer

Water based stain blockers with Hydro Pliolite® deliver a complete package: tough stain blocking ability, fast-drying formula and multi-surface adhesion plus they clean-up easily with plain soap and water. Look for the Hydro Pliolite® logo on paint primer from these manufacturers.

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