What are Odorless Oil-Based Stain Blocking Primers?

Low VOC odorless primer blocks stains and odors without polluting indoor air

In the last several years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported growing scientific evidence indicating that air within homes and buildings is sometimes far more polluted than outdoor air in the largest, most industrialized cities. A variety of sources contribute to indoor air pollution, including interior paints and primers, which often contain high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

While VOCs give paint and primer excellent formation and binding properties during application, they also emit unpleasant odors. Paint and primer fumes can also trigger short-term, adverse health reactions, particularly in children and people with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems. The solution: Odorless, low VOC paint and primer.

Low VOC paint and primer emits fewer toxins, so are safer for you and the environment

Low VOC paint and primer comes primarily in 2 forms: oil-based and water-based. While water-based coatings have low levels of harmful emissions, they apply thinly, streak and don't effectively block tough stains and odors. How can you achieve a superior paint job and also protect yourself and the environment from harmful toxins?

Paint sealer or primer for new drywall and interiors is safer, odor-free, and blocks stains and smells, thanks to Plioway®

Plioway® resin is a solvent-based (oil-based) resin used in primer to deliver superior coating performance, plus better stain blocking and adhesion. This resin is used in conjunction with odorless solvents (Isopar®) to also create powerful, stainblocking finishes without high VOC levels and their accompanying odors. This website answers the following questions:

The Plioway® logo is the signature of primers that meet high quality and performance standards, so make sure to look for it on the can. More on the importance of using low VOC odorless primer.

Isopar® is a registered trademark of ExxonMobil

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