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Primer is like the foundation of a home--- if it's solidly built with quality materials, it can stay problem-free forever. Low VOC primers made with Plioway® ensure a smooth, workable surface with great adhesion and completely erase stains and odors. Because they themselves are odorless, these low VOC primers are the healthier, more environmentally-friendly choice. Look for the Plioway® logo on cans of low VOC odorless primers by these leading North American manufacturers:


 Zinsser: Bulls Eye&® Odorless Oil Based Stain Blocker is a stain blocker that provides oil performance without the usual odor. Its high-hiding coverage kills stains from water, graffiti, ink and crayon, and dries quickly. Its ability to seal porous surfaces and high pH resistance makes it great for masonry, plaster and fast-set joint compounds. Check out odorless primer from Zinsser.

Pittsburg Paints

 Pittsburgh Paints: Seal Grip Ultra Stain Killing Primer is specially formulated to block-out stains associated with smoke damage, food stains, graffiti, tannins and water-soluble inks. This quick-drying, low VOC primer is also ideal for exterior masonry surfaces. See all benefits of low odor primer from Pittsburgh Paints.

Sherwin Williams

 Sherwin-Williams: Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer is a quick-drying, odorless alkyd sealer that seals out water stains, smoke damage, graffiti, grease, pencil, odors and rust stains. Outstanding coverage assures a uniform topcoat appearance on everything including drywall, wood, cured plaster, ceiling tiles, paneling, nonporous wallcovering and previously painted surfaces. Check out Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer.


 Insl-x Superior Coating Systems: Odorless Primer / Sealer is a white pigmented coating that both primes and seals plaster, wood, drywall and masonry. A high performance reactive stain blocker, it seals stains from smoke damage, wood knots, crayon and lipstick. It dries fast enough for same day top coating; low odor makes it an excellent choice for use in occupied buildings. More on Insl-x low VOC primer.

Coronado Paint

 Coronado Paint: Coronado® Cover-It™ Universal Stain Sealer is a virtually odorless, solvent-based, fast-drying sealer. It is effective on a broad spectrum of stains including water, tannin, smoke, rust, pencil, ink, nicotine and coffee. A top paint sealer or primer for new drywall, Universal Stain Sealer dries in 30 minutes and can be top-coated in 2 hours. Learn more about Coronado's premium primer.

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