Low VOC paint and primers make your job site safe and efficient

Plioway<sup>®</sup> Primers

You want your customers to see your paint job, not be overcome by its odor. Conventional oil-based primers contain large amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which emit potentially hazardous material that can cause discomfort, even headaches, for many people. Low VOC paint and primers, over the last 25 years, have helped to significantly reduce these emissions and improve indoor air quality. Find out how manufacturers are continuing to improve the safety and effectiveness of oil-based primers.

Using paint sealer or primer for new drywall before you apply final coatings can dramatically improve results

With all of the available choices in oil-based primers, why not use one that's safer for you and the environment? If you've ever tried conventional water-based or alkyd primers, you know they have a tendency to flake and turn yellow, and don't wash well. See the difference when you use an oil-based low VOC primer made with Plioway® resin. Plioway®-formulated primers ensure a smooth topcoat finish, are highly durable and effectively block stains and odors. Small particle size permits deep penetration, superior adhesion and a powerful ability to block stains and odors.

Advantages of oil-based, low voc primers with Plioway®:

Reduce time, cost and indoor air pollution with high-performance, low VOC paint and primers

Odorless stainblocking primers are fast-drying, generally dry to the touch in 30 minutes, and ready for a topcoat in 2 hours. Primers can be tinted to match the topcoat so only 1 topcoat is needed meaning you will save time and money whether you are a contractor or homeowner. The Plioway® logo is the signature of primers that meet high quality and performance standards - look for it on cans of these leading oil-based odorless primers.

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