Hydro Pliolite

Water Based Sealer and Primer: Adhesion

The more it sticks, the more durable the finish

Excellent adhesion is critical in stain blocking primers. If they didn't stick, what would be the point? You'd end up with an even bigger mess.

Primers get their sticking power from binder (i.e. resin): a primary ingredient that combines pigment particles and other key additives, and also facilitates film formation. Binder helps primer maintain a uniform appearance and dry to a hard, protective finish.

Primer types are based on the binders contained within. Oil based primers are tagged as either natural oil, solvent-based or alkyd; water based primers as latex (acrylic, vinyl or a combination of the 2). You can count on water based sealer and paint primer to flex and adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

Stain blocking drywall primer sticks to most surfaces and cleans up easily

You have many options when it comes to stain blocking paint primer, so select carefully: One might be a good drywall primer but not the best choice for other substrates such as concrete or wood. However, stain blocking primers containing Hydro Pliolite® are formulated to work on most surfaces, even hard-to-stick materials such as:

  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Plaster and fillers
  • Wood
  • Old or glossy paint
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Plastics (PVC, ABS)
  • Clear finishes

Save time and money: Look for the Hydro Pliolite® logo on water based sealer or paint primer

When choosing water based primer look for one with the Hydro Pliolite® logo. Your paint job will look better, plus you'll save time and money. Tough adhesion eliminates the need for pre-sanding or deglossing of hard-to-stick surfaces and makes the finish more durable. See more reasons why water based sealer and paint primer is becoming the number 1 choice among contractors and home owners.

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