Hydro Pliolite

Low VOC paint primer is proven to improve indoor air quality

Paint fumes are considered to be most dangerous as the paint is drying; however, some high VOC formulations continue to emit toxins long afterwards, which can compromise indoor air quality. If you are painting in confined or "people sensitive" areas, take the advice of environmental health experts and use low VOC products which emit fewer toxins. A wide-range of low VOC options are available, both in water and oil-based formulas. Water-based are generally considered the lowest in VOC content.

While low VOC alternatives emit fewer toxins, they sometimes don't adhere well to certain surfaces or can't block tough stains and odors. So what's the solution when you need to accomplish these tasks, but occupant evacuation isn't possible?

Water based stain blocking paint primers with Hydro Pliolite® enable you to effectively prime, paint and occupy in less than a day

Hydro Pliolite® resin is an Amphoteric Binding System (ABS) which enables stain blocking primer to be formulated at extremely low VOC levels (less the 5 g/L). Water based sealer and primer formulated with Hydro Pliolite® combine the stain and odor blocking power of oil based products, along with excellent adhesion, low odor and easy clean-up. They also dry fast enabling you to prime, paint and occupy in less than a day. While this product can be used anywhere internally, it's the perfect solution when odor is a concern in "people sensitive" areas such as:

  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Offices

Help customers improve indoor air quality and enhance your green reputation

Going green with low VOC primer and paints isn't a passing fad - it's here to stay. For more on what consumers want, see Going Green from Top to Bottom. Your customers will appreciate and remember you when you recommend top quality, low VOC paint primer with Hydro Pliolite®.

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