Hydro Pliolite

Use water-based stain blocking paint primer with Hydro Pliolite® and breathe easier... literally!

Most renovation projects require paint primers with high hide capabilities. The best in this category used to be oil based primers that could have a high VOC content. However, prolonged exposure to certain oil based products poses short- and long-term health risks to building occupants and paint contractors alike.

Hydro Pliolite® is a revolutionary resin that helps create low VOC primer (under 5 g/L) with powerful stain capabilities. It emits practically no toxins or odors, so you can literally breathe easier and reduce on-the-job health concerns.

Deliver a top-notch paint job without compromising indoor air quality

Hydro Pliolite® is the result of Amphoteric Binding System (ABS) technology, an innovative resin system that enables paint primer to form a film without environmentally harmful coalescents, plasticizers or coalescing aids. Benefits of water-based stain blockers include:

  • Excellent adhesion: No more slipping, dripping or sliding. Paint primers with Hydro Pliolite® go on smoothly, cover thoroughly, and stay put.
  • Fast Dry: Prime, paint and occupy in less than a day.
  • Better indoor air quality: Ideal for all interior usage, even "people sensitive" areas - low VOC formula emits no fumes!
  • Ease of use: Now, you can achieve smooth, color-saturated, water-resistant coverage with a low VOC primer. Plus, unlike many oil-based products, clean-up is a breeze!
  • Powerful, permanent blocking: Even tough stains from smoke, nicotine, ink and water will not bleed through paint primers with Hydro Pliolite®

Top performance, low VOC paint primer is the clear choice

Improve work site safety without sacrificing overall job quality: Ask for paint primer with Hydro Pliolite® from these trusted name-brands.

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